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Welcome to the WRU Game Locker

The WRU Game Locker brings you videos and resources, dedicating to coaching, refereeing and playing. You can use the Locker to explore our informative content, or to book on to courses to help advance your skills.


Our resources include important information from all areas of the game, including easy-to-use session plans to help with your coaching sessions.


We have a variety of videos, from drill sessions to interviews with players and referees. You can also create and share your own playlists to share with others.

Courses and CPD Bookings

View available courses and CPD sessions and book online to help further your WRU career.

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Whether your a coach, player or referee, you can sign up with WRU Game Locker and gain access to a rich collection of videos, resources and other content to help aid your progression.

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Course and CPD Bookings

Using our Course and CPD Bookings functionality, you can locate courses relevant to your career path, and keep track of your achievements on your Locker account.

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