WRU Game Locker Cy

WRU Game Locker Cy

U9 - U11 Coaching Early Contact - 6pm - 9pm

U9 - U11 Coaching Early Contact - 6pm - 9pm
Cost CY:   £0
Organiser CY:   NCE
Venue CY:   Online
Places CY:   6
Dates CY:   30 Nov 2020, 2 Dec 2020
Phone CY:   07584488279
Email CY:   nway@wru.wales

About the Course CY

U9 - U11 Coaching Early Contact has been designed to develop the knowledge and ability of the coach to successfully develop the Whole Player.

The modules on the course will outline the importance of safety, technical coaching, coaching behaviour and developing the Whole Player.

By the end of the course the coach will be able to display best coaching practice along with an appreciaiton of developing the Whole Player.

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