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Mixed U7s Pathway Laws

Mixed U7s Pathway Laws

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Welcome to the U7's WRU TAG Pathway Laws page. 

Please note that Pathway Laws do change so please check back regularly.

Please download the 'Return to Rugby' booklet HERE.


  • Develop a love of the game in children
  • Develop evasion skills with ball in two hands and standing pass to 
standing receiver


Invasion by evasion, that is scoring tries by evasive running and introduce accurate stationary passing.



  • Age: Under seven as on the first of September at the start of the season
  • Team Size: Five a side with unlimited substitutions. The WRU requires that both teams shall field the same number of players throughout the game
  • Periods of Play: Two halves each of up to 10 minutes playing time -
maximum 20 minutes of play
  • Playing Area: 50m (Length) x 40m (W idth) maximum. 40m (Length) x 30m (Width) minimum
  • Ball Size: Size three
  • Kicking: None
  • Lineout: No, free pass from five metres in from the touch line
  • Scrummage: No scrums. When there is an offense where a scrum is normally awarded, a TAP and PASS is the mandatory action to restart. Teams must be given time to retire 10m
  • Coach Qualification: WRU Tag Leaders Award (click HERE to book on to a course)
  • Referee Qualification: WRU Tag Leaders Award (click HERE to book on to a course)



  • Game to start with a free pass
  • Team conceding try to restart
  • Six tags, ball is turned over to opposition
  • Tagged player must play the ball (pass) within three seconds of being tagged
  • Tackler must hand back the tag to the attacking player before continuing to play, persistent infringement will result in the awarding of a penalty
  • Players must leave and enter the field of play at the halfway touchline
  • They must remove two tags and hand them over to substitute entering the field to place upon belt before replacement can effect
  • Substitutes must wear tag belts but with no tags
  • A player must have two tags before scoring a try, however if a tag is removed whilst scoring a try the try is awarded
  • If a player crosses the line with one tag, he/she is brought back out five metres from the try line with the tag count continuing
  • Players must stay on feet to score a try
  • Spinning out of contact away from the tackler is allowed
  • No hand-off allowed
  • Carrying the ball in two hands is encouraged but not a tag rugby rule.
  • Free pass for all penalties
  • No Under U7 players should play contact rugby (i.e. 2 years above)
  • The length of a TAG should be no less than 37.5cm (15") and no more than 40cm (16")
  • Rolling substitutions is permitted