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Welcome to the Senior WRU Pathway Laws Page

Senior Community rugby follows World Rugby Laws which can be found HERE. However, Please note that WRU Community laws may change and will be outlined on this page so please check back regularly for any updates.


Age: 18 as of the first of September at the start of the season.

Ball Size: Size five.

Coach Qualification: WRU UKCC Level one and two (Click HERE to book on to a course).


• Full pitch


• For a knock on over the goal line, a goal line drop out will be awarded.


New World Rugby regulations are:


  • If the team in possession kicks the ball from inside their own half indirectly into touch inside their opponents’ 22, they will throw into the resultant lineout. The ball cannot be passed or carried back into the defensive half for the 50:22 to be played. The phase must originate inside the defensive half.
  • The basic idea here is to ensure defending teams drop more players into the backfield to guard against potentially conceding line-outs inside their own 22. That would naturally mean fewer defenders in the frontline and more space for the attack. The trial law came about with safety in mind – if there are fewer defenders in the frontline, the defence’s line speed may be reduced and collisions might be less frequent and less impactful.

Goal Line Drop-Out:

  • If the ball is held up in in-goal, if there is a knock-on from an attacking player in in-goal or an attacking kick is grounded by the defenders in their own in-goal, then play restarts with a goal line drop-out anywhere along the goal line.

Flying Wedge:

  • The three or more player, pre-bound pod, or flying wedge, is now outlawed. The sanction will be a penalty kick.

1 Person Latch:

  • The one-player latch will still be permitted, but this player will now have the same responsibilities as a first arriving player (i.e. must stay on feet, enter through the gate and not fall to the floor). The sanction will be a penalty kick.


  • Any player who attempts a clean out which targets or drops weight onto the lower limbs of another player will now be penalised.