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Advanced Coaching Programme (Level 3)

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Advanced Coaching Programme (Level 3)

The Advanced Coach Programme (Level 3) 

The 'Advanced Coaching Programme' is aimed at enhancing the craft of coaching across the game in Wales. The programme will encourage innovative coaching practice by exposing coaches to knowledge on technical, tactical physical and mental requirements of modern rugby. 

Focusing on the needs of the individual coach will be achieved by supporting candidates through a programme of unique learning opportunities that will challenge and encourage growth. 

The programme is twelve months in duration and will be supported by a highly experienced delivery team that will include a mentoring programme to assist candidates with the application of their learning. 


It is essential that potential candidates consider the following criteria before entering an application. The criteria points have been listed to ensure the appropriate decisions are made in relation to the application process.

  • It is essential that candidates have gathered an appropriate amount of coaching experience 
  • candidates would have achieved a UKCC level 2 award in coaching rugby union and have held the qualification for a minimum of three years
  • All candidates must have the ability to demonstrate significant coaching experience
  • Demonstrate experience of reflection in action and the ability to apply new knowledge into context
  • Potential candidates must hold a coaching position on commencement of the programme
  • Be committed to a long-term learning programme through being engaged, self driven and open to development
  • Candidates are expected to have a strong level of IT skills and have access to recording material
  • The candidate must be able to access various media platforms as the course is delivered through a blended learning approach


The programme will be delivered over twelve months and will utilise various mediums including but not limited to:

  • Face to face 
  • Group work
  • Assigned mentor
  • Assigned assessor 
  • Online learning

There are twenty hours of on-course learning, two observations and three mentor interventions along with online modules throughout the course.


Applicants must complete all of the tasks outlined below and submit by the 1st of June.

All applicants will be informed of the coach development team decision by the 1st of July 2022, and dates for the course are TBC.


How to apply

All applications are to be submitted to the Regional Coach Development Officer

Cardiff – Jon Evans – jevans@wru.wales

Dragons – Jon Hughes – jhughes@wru.wales 

Scarlets – Aled Parry  - aparry@wru.wales 

Ospreys – Marc Breeze - Mbreeze@wru.wales

North Wales – Tim Hoare – thoare@wru.wales 



By When

Coaching Video and reflection document 

30-minute video of an element of your coaching and a written reflection of the session 

(between 250-500 words)


1st June


Personal statement

Answer the following questions in a short video:

  • Who do you currently coach and what's your biggest challenge?
  • Why do you coach?
  • Why do you coach the way you do?
  • What are your values and principles
  • What would make you a better coach?

1st June


Coaching CV

Please send CV (word document) and outline any personal continuous development you have taken within the last three years

1st June 


Applications will reviewed by WRU Coach Development Team against the set criteria and a shortlist will be established



Announcement to candidates

Letters to successful and unsuccessful candidates

1st July


Please create a folder on your desktop and add all your videos and documents and send via Wetransfer to your regional coach development officer.Please note: professional filming equipment to film your 30 minute video and personal statement is not essential, use of any mobile device will be sufficient.


Costs per candidate for the programme is set at £350.00 per person.

This covers all costs associated with the programme.

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