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Pivotal Podcasts

As the sea shanty goes “Mother nature doesn’t draw straight lines, we are a union of different kinds!”.

Every coach is different so coach development plans should be personalised and individual to best suit their needs and context in which they are operating.

One of the few things that is the same for every coach is that they are all different!

They are different because of their background, life history and experiences and how they have responded to them.

Whilst we can agree that there are no “silver bullets” in coaching, no one right way, we can accelerate coaches development by thinking about and reflecting upon the experiences which others have been through and how it has affected their approach to coaching…..and life!

The Pivotal podcast is simple…we ask coaches, leaders, managers and those in any performance role about their pivotal experiences, what, where, with whom, when, and the context and ask how these have made them who they are and how they respond in the moment and for the future.

Pivotal experiences could come at any age, in many contexts, inside and outside of rugby and could be remembered through a song, a poem, a picture or photo or even a Sea Shanty!

By listening to these stories and memories and the owner’s reflections we can support coaches to think about their own experiences, values and drivers in an enjoyable and entertaining podcast.

The definition of Pivotal is “of great importance because other things depend upon it”

Click HERE to access Podcast 1 - Trevor Acors is a hugely experienced former Police officer specialising in counter terrorism. In this podcast Trevor talks about his pivotal experiences and lessons learnt including how to manage pressure, seeking to widen your world of experiences and the ways in which he managed really tough interviews including the killers of Lee Rigby.

Click HERE to access Podcast 2 - Stuart Pickering has crafted a hugely successful career in the world of sport and is currently head of Sports Partnerships at UK Sport. Starting as a chef he re trained as an S and C working in the women’s game including a world cup win and in the English premiership. In the podcast Stuart highlights how bad news, delivered well was his catalyst to improve and how choosing to be vulnerable as early as possible and gaining insights from others ensures that you do not becoming vulnerable later in your career.

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