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Catch and Grip

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Catch and Grip


Catch and grip will introduce to the player the correct technique in order to successfully manage the ball in hand and transfer of the ball in to a pass. The following pages will guide you through a logical step by step process to coach the essential elements, beginning with the 'foundations' and followed by the full 'Catch and Pass' allowing for a complete focus on how to prepare the player for training and game time. Close attention to the outlined points in the following will assist your on field coaching and deepen your knowledge of a very technical area.


Step 1 - Early reach

Catching is an essential technique in rugby and if done correctly can reduce the amount of time a player would take to adjust the ball in their hands in order to transfer the ball and pass. An early reach towards where the ball is being passed from will ensure that the hands are ready and will catch the ball at the earliest possible opportunity.


Step 2 - Ball in Front

The ball should not be brought tight in to the chest when caught but held in front of the ball carrier. This will ensure that the ball can be readily passed both left and right and to keep the defender guessing as to which way the play is going to go.


Step 3 - Elbows kinked

Following the catch and ball position in front of the ball carrier the elbows should be kinked allowing the ball to be at chest height.


Step 4 - Grip

Following stage 3 the grip on the ball is a fundamental technique that will allow stability and the best platform to pass. The ball should be north to south and the players fingers should be spread across the fat of the ball.


Session Plan Diagram

Catch and Grip

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