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Catch and Delivery

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Catch and Delivery


Finally to complete the lineout process it's important to know what are the options available to the jumper. The three options available are to deliver off the top, bring the jumper down and pass to scrum half or bring the jump down and to drive.

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Off the top

The key coaching points for this element are hands in front of head in a diamond position with your eyes tracking the path of the ball into your hands. On impact of the ball into hands the jumper needs to cushion the force. The jumper then performs a half turn from hips and passed sympathetically to the scrum half. The lifters have a responsibility of keeping the jumper facing forwards.

Down and pop/drive

The emphasis on this section is on the lifters returning the jumper to the ground, from here the jumper keeps the ball in two hands and either passes to the scrum half or prepares to receive a supporting player by holding the ball close to the stomach.


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Catch and Delivery

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