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The fourth stage of the process is the lift and the process is very similar to the jump with 3 distinct stages, the starting position, the drive and the finishing position. Although there is a slight difference in the starting position of the hands depending on if the lifter is at the front or back.

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Stage 1: The starting position

Before initiating a lift it's hugely important that the player understands where they need to place their hands. When lifting from the front the hands should be on the teardrop of the quad with the elbows tight to the side of the body and its essential to keep the jumpers legs as close to your chest as possible. When lifting from the back the hands are placed in the crease of the gluteus and again keeping elbows tight and legs close to the body.

Stage 2: The drive

The drive process is the same for both lifters. It starts from the balls of their feet and continues through the straightening of the knees and driving the hips forward, extending the arms.

Stage 3: The finishing position

Again the process is the same for both lifters, the reinforcement of the key points holding the jumper until the ball has been delivered, head remains in neutral to increase stability and for extra height raise up on toes.

Note to coaches: 4 man lift for safety to start until lifters are deemed competent to lift on their own.


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