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Putting it Together

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Putting it Together


Putting it all together will allow for the correct approach to coaching the preparation of the lineout in a safe and engaging manner and allow for the complete process to take place. Your players will become more confident over time in this facet of the game however, always paying close attention to detail and executing the core fundamentals will allow you and your players to develop.

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Putting each technical aspects together and having the players run through the complete process will give you, the coach, the opportunity to analyse and monitor technical ability and stage of development.

All points should be treated as a measure of safety and as a tool to gauge players level of ability which in turn will allow you to set the intensity and technical delivery of your session at the correct level.

Early development of each step will ensure that all players will be given a strong foundation for the future. Good technique will follow the players throughout their career and provide them with the best opportunity to advance.


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Putting it Together

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