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Stance Movement and Jump

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Stance Movement and Jump


Welcome to the first part of Off the Top. This section will inform you of the correct techniques of how to begin your lineout preparation. Please follow the coaching notes below and for a full demonstration watch the video by clicking on the above video tab.

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The Stance

The Stance will introduce to the player the correct body profile in order to successfully and safely lift and jump. The following pages will guide you through a logical step-by-step process to coach the essential elements, beginning with the 'foundations' and allowing for a complete body focus on how to prepare the player for training and game time. Close attention to the outlined points in the following will assist your on field coaching and deepen your knowledge of a very technical area.

The jumper

Firstly we must establish the importance of the stance for the jumper, its crucial the he or she can see up and down the mid line of the lineout so a 45 degree position to the touch line is encouraged, with feet in a heel to toe position, he-she should have a slight kink in the knees to allow for movement and their hands should be chest high ready to receive the ball

The lifter

As with the jumper its important that the lifter has a clear view down the mid line of the lineout however, the body should be 90 degrees to the touch line.

Their stance is very similar to that of a scrum profile, with the exception of having their hands ready to execute the lift.


Session Plan Diagram

Stance Movement and Jump

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