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The previous sections introduced the profile and demonstrated how to 'perfect the profile' under pressure.

Engagement will look at how the player will combine all techniques and enter the scrum.

Safety is paramount so the player will need to use the following activities in order to understand the engagement process.

Use the following as a benchmark to gauge the ability of the players and to gain an understanding of how soon they can participate in live scrummaging.

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Step 1 : Profile

Before any engagement into the scrum the profile position process is to be activated. This will ensure that the player is physically prepared to engage safely and to establish a strong positional

foundation. Using a tackle tube, to practice the engagement allows for a safe progression.


Step 2 : Crouch

The engagement sequence of crouch, bind and set that all referee's use will prompt the player to initiate the scrum. The crouch element will ask the player to lean forward from the profile position making the body lower and ready to engage. Special attention on the lean is vital, as you do not want the player to sit into the crouch position where they would lose shape and power.


Step 3 : Bind

Once the crouch position is stable and controlled ask the player to bind. Using the bind as a brake to stop from falling forward the player is now in a position to adjust their feet for comfort and stability prior to engagement.


Step 4 : Set

The final part of the sequence is the set element. This is where both front rows will engage. The profile position established at the bind will allow for the player to drop into the engagement. All areas of the body are still to maintain correct form.


Step 5 : Scrum live

Once players are comfortable using the tackle tube and are prepared to move on to live scrummaging working in pairs will allow for best practice against live opposition.


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