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Perfect the Profile

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Perfect the Profile


The previous section discussed how to activate the profile however, in order to ensure that a player canwithstand the rigours of a game the profile in training will need to be placed under pressure in a controlled and safe environment. This will establish correct form and allow the coach to gauge the level of ability at which the player is currently presiding.

Be mindful of the health and safety of the players during these drills and ensure that the correct intensity for the level of the player is performed.

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Drill 1 : Profile repetition

Ask your players to run through the whole profile sequence 5 times (5 reps) and increase to 10 when you feel the players are ready to move on. Although the drill seems quite simple it encourages best practice and will fatigue the player. The increased reps ensures performance under fatigue.


Drill 2 : Harness

The use of harnesses allow for pressure from the partner and will highlight the importance of correct form. If best practice is not performed the partner will easily pull back or lift the player from the ground.


Drill 3 : Tyre push

Using a regular car tyre (please ensure the tyre is safe to use) ask your players to engage their profile and push the tyre along the ground. Special attention to constant correct form and small steps. The players should take two steps adjust back into the profile and take another two steps over a 5 metre space.


Drill 4 : Push Test

Whilst your players are engaged in the correct profile walk around the group and test the stability by pushing and pulling on the player. The intensity of the push can be quite subtle, if the correct form is not activated the player will lose their balance slightly. However, if the correct form is adopted then the players stance will be very strong.


Drill 5 : Lean test

Working in pairs, player A will go onto their knees whilst player B engages the correct profile. Keeping the profile shape ask player B to lean forward onto player A hands. Once player B is stable player A can remove one hand and replace to remove the other. Ensure that player B maintains the correct profile throughout. As fatigue sets in the shape will breakdown and the lean will be lost.


Session Plan Diagram

Perfect the Profile

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