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Regain Your Feet

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Regain Your Feet


Once the tackle is complete the defender has the opportunity to regain their feet and Jackal (take the ball). However, the skill of regaining your feet requires certain physical techniques, physical ability and an understanding of the law. Please follow the key points below and watch the video demonstrations by Wales and Lions captain Sam Warburton in the video section above.

Building on from the tackle the momentum gained will allow the player to successfully regain their feet into a jackaling position.

Step 1

AVOID PLANKING! Once the tackle has been made players tend to fall into a static planking position which slows the effectiveness of being able to regain your feet and attempt to turnover the ball.

Step 2

In order to avoid planking, the technique of chasing the feet will allow the player to maintain momentum and effectively get back up immediately following the completion of the tackle.

Step 3

Once the player has completed the tackle and successfully chased their feet they will find themselves in a position over the ball and tackled player in a prime position to begin the turnover.

Step 4

The final section of regaining your feet is the release. Once you made the tackle, released the ball carrier and regained your feet it is essential that you are pro-active in also releasing the ball. However, that does not mean the player has to stand tall and open their arms to re-engage. As long as the player is successfully maintaining a strong body position without using any support a simple shoulder width release with the arms is sufficient.


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Regain Your Feet

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