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The Tackle

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The Tackle


This section identifies a number of steps that can be used in order to perfect the tackle.

The chapter discusses how to activate the profile however, in order to ensure that a player can withstand the rigours of a game the profile in training will need to be placed under pressure in a controlled and safe environment. This will establish correct form and allow the coach to gauge the level of ability at which they are currently presiding.

Be mindful of the health and safety of the players and ensure that the correct intensity for the level of the player is performed.


Below is a step by step guide to build the players ability in the tackle.

Step 1

Firstly the player will need to display the correct body position which is feet shoulder width apart, pointing forward and on the balls of the feet, knees kinked, hips square, hands up and elbows in.

Step 2

Once the player is displaying the correct body position they will be ready to make contact. The player should lunge toward the ball carrier by dropping their height and making contact with the same shoulder and lunging leg and following with the arms wrapping around the ball carrier. Please refer to the video to view the progressive drills to assist the player in order to build up the tackle.

Step 3

The next progression in completing the tackle is leg drive. Once contact has been made the trailing leg is used to bring forward power and momentum to force the ball carrier backwards, sideways etc. The contact and leg drive is sequential however, there should be no delay and it should be all one movement.

Step 4

The last step is to complete the tackle, which essentially means to bring the ball carrier to the ground. If the previous steps have been carried out effectively the tackler should bring the ball carrier to the ground safely. It is paramount to ensure that the tackler completes the tackle by landing on top of the ball carrier with their head on the correct side and not between the ball carrier and the ground.


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The Tackle

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