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The Turnover

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The Turnover


The Previous sections introduced the profile and demonstrated how to perfect 'the tackle' under pressure and how to regain your feet. 'The turnover' will complete the process of how to successfully 'tackle and turnover'.

Safety is paramount so the player will need to use the following activities in order to understand the engagement process.

Use the following as a benchmark to gauge the ability of the players and to gain an understanding of how soon they can participate in live scrummaging.

Wide Base

In order to remain on your feet without assistance a wider base should be adopted. This will ensure that the player can be lower over the ball, their centre of gravity is lower to the ground providing a more stable base and it helps to avoid injury as a narrow base and straight legs could result in a pulled hamstring if hit backwards by the opposition.

Hands On The Ball

With an established wide base the player can now attempt to successfully turn the ball over by cupping the ball in their hands. Cupping the ball and pulling will ensure a better grip. It is extremely important however, that the player is in a strong position to maintain their stance as any lean on the tackled player or any hands placed on the ground will result in a penalty.

Holding On To The Ball

Once the ball has been effectively cupped and pulled from the ground the player would have successfully turned the ball over. At this point the player may be challenged by the opposition however, with a positive stance and correct technique of holding the ball the player will be in a position to maintain possession even if they are hit backwards. Even if they are hit backwards the goal of regaining possession has been achieved.

Take The Threat Away

Finally. If there is no option to turn the ball over because the opposition has reached the contact area before the defender, the defender can still challenge. Adopting a split stance over the tackled player and making contact with the opposition using the very same key points as the tackle the player could successfully remove the threat allowing for a team member to turn the ball over. It is paramount that the player arrives and challenges the opposition through the gate.


Session Plan Diagram

The Turnover

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