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IRB - www.playerwelfare.worldrugby.org/concussion


• Concussion is a brain injury

• All concussions are serious

• Concussion can often occur without loss of consciousness

• Players with any signs or symptoms of concussion must be immediately removed from playing

or training

• Players must not return to play on the same day of any suspected concussion

• It is recommended that all players with concussion should be referred to a medical practitioner

• It is recommended that all players undertake a Graduated to Play programme

• It is recommended that players should not return to full contact sport until cleared by a medical practitioner

• Most concussions will recover with physical and mental rest

• Children and adolescents may take longer to recover following concussion

• Concussion can occur without an obvious blow to the head

• Recognise and Remove players with suspected concussion to prevent further injury or in rare cases, even fatality


Who is at risk?

Concussion can happen at any age and to anyone. However, child and adolescent players:

• Are more susceptible to concussion

• Take longer to recover

• Have more significant memory and mental processing issues

• Are more susceptible to rare and dangerous complications including brain swelling

(known as second impact syndrome), these complications can sometimes be fatal


* Child and adolescent players are defined as under the age of 19 years old as of the 1st of September.


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