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Over the next three years we will increase and enhance regular engagement and participation, across all ages, formats and competitions, in strong vibrant 'clubs' and educational settings that retain the values of rugby and provideEVERYONE with 'Positive Rugby Experiences' whilst contributing to the long-term health and wellbeing of society.

This is a plan to grow, develop and enhance the offer of rugby union in Wales by modifying the traditional approach and ensuring we are inclusive and engaging to all people and communities.

This is a game for everyone in Wales.


The Inclusive Rugby Landscape highlights the opportunities available to participants.

Download the above poster HERE


WRU Objectives:

• To determine the contribution that the WRU can make toward the inclusive forms of the game for disabled people, including deaf rugby, Unified (mixed ability) rugby and wheelchair rugby;

• To ensure that the community game is inclusive for disabled people, including playing, officiating, refereeing, coaching, volunteering and supporting;

• To identify the steps that will need to be taken to ensure that the WRU workforce and wider 'family' are supported and upskilled to adopt a more inclusive approach to rugby;

• To ensure that the WRU's governance is reflective and responsive to the needs of disabled people;

• To identify how the WRU can contribute to other disability sport pathways, including but not exclusively Paralympic, Deaflympic and Intellectual Disability.

As part of our ongoing relationship with Disability Sport Wales and our commitment to the 'Jersey for All' inclusive ethos we have developed a guidance booklet with the correct terminology to be used by clubs and coaches, please click the link to download and if you have any further questions on the correct terminology to use when coaching people with disabilities please get in touch with the WRU Disability Coordinator Darren Carew at dcarew@wru.wales

DSW Guidance on Appropriate Use of Language

WRU Disability Strategy

Please download the WRU Disability Strategy 2017 - 2020 by clicking on the below:





Darren Carew

WRU Disability Rugby Co-ordinator

07787 836116


Twitter @disrugbydc

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