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WRU Community Talks with The Autism Directory

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WRU Community Talks with The Autism Directory

The Welsh Rugby Union are proud to host a community talk event with The Autism Directory as part of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and to help increase the understanding autism in the Welsh rugby community.

The event will be an opportunity for everyone to learn more about autism and the autism community in Wales as well as reach out to those within the autism community who may not know where to access help, advice and support.

The talk includes information about the charity, more about the services and who The Autism Directory helps. 75% of The Autism Directory staff are autistic and some are involved in the community talks. There will be a personal testimony from one of The Autism Directory staff team about their life from growing up, through to education and employment and how they felt and managed when they got their diagnosis.

The Autism Directory talks provide a unique insight into the lives of those within the autism community.

The Autism Directory and the WRU agree that the best way for people to learn about autism is to hear from those who have the personal lived experience.

The event will be hosted on Zoom and all details on how to attend the event will be provided once registration has been confirmed.

Click here to register for the event: WRU Talks with The Autism Directory



Rhys Jenkins: Community Coordinator, The Autism Directory Charity

Rhys was diagnosed with semantic pragmatic disorder at age 4, autism at age 16 and dyspraxia at age 26. Rhys strongly believes that raising awareness of his conditions within the wider community benefits both the autistic person and society overall. 

In his role as Community Coordinator for the Autism Directory Charity, Rhys shares his personal experiences of the obstacles he faces to inform and guide organisations on how to help autistic people thrive.

Sport has played a key role in his life. Rhys plays both football and rugby, and flew to Japan for Wales’ Rugby World Cup games against Fiji and Uruguay. In his talk with the WRU, Rhys will include the ways in which sport improved his life as an autistic individual. Rhys has a law degree and an MSC in in Autism and Related Conditions and is looking forward to working with the WRU on ways they can understand and support the autistic community across South Wales.

He explains, “There really is no other service like The Autism Directory out there and I enjoy using my diagnosis and experiences to connect with people. Being an agent for change is just amazing”.

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