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Pathway Laws Explained

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Pathways - Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to explain some of the pathways laws that cause most confusion amongst coaches and players.  The use of video clips may help individuals understand the laws which have been developed to encourage players to develop a skill set, essential for the modern day game.


Under 9's


Q.         Can the acting scrum half run with the ball

A.         No.  He must pass the ball


Q.         Can the player pop pass from the ground once tackled?

A.         Yes, if it done immediately to encourage continuity and it does not count as a completed tackle.


Under 10's


Q         Can a player run the ball from a tap penalty/free kick

A.         Yes


Q.         Can players run from the ruck

A          No.  The ball must be passed once a ruck is formed.  The 1st player to the breakdown, can pick the ball up and run if a ruck is not formed.


Q.         Can the scrum half run from the scrum

A.         No.  He must pass the ball.


Q.         What happens if more than 2 players from each side simultaneously contest the ruck.

A.         Blow up. Explain the law and award a scrum to the team in possession.


Q         Can there be more than 1 tackler

A.         Yeas, as long as they are below the waist


Under 11's


Q.         Are players allowed to peel at the lineout

A.         No the ball has to be passed from the lineout to the scrum half.


Q.         Can the scrum half run with the ball from the lineout

A.         yes


Q.         Can we shorten the lineout

A.         There must be 4 in the lineout, plus the hooker.


Under 12's


Q         Can the scrum half run from the base of the scrum

A          Yes


Q         Can players hand-off

A.         Yes a hand off to the chest is permitted


Q         Can we have shortened lineouts

A          No


Q         In a lineout has the ball got to be passed to the scrum half

A          Yes


Q         Can the ball be passed to the hooker from the lineout.

A          No it must be passed to the scrum-half


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