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1 v 1 Head on TAG

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Balls, Cones, Tag Belts


  • 5m x 5m grid
  • One Attacker with TAG belt on, no ball
  • One Defender opposite 2-3m away
  • Attacker to try and beat the defender without being TAGGED
  • Aim of the defender is to complete TAGGING sequence
  • Change over after 3 attempts for each player


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Correct TAGGING sequence
  • Defender to hold hands high ready for TAGGING - "Boxers Hands" (chest height
  • Eyes focused on Tagging area
  • Close down attackers space by moving forward

Variation / Progression

  • Smaller Grid / Bigger Grid
  • Attacker with the Ball
  • 2 defenders v 2 attackers, still in individual grids opposite defenders. Defenders to 'keep a line' together
  • Progress to 3 v 3

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