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Cones, Tag Belts


  • Set up a Grid roughly 20m x 20m
  • Players to pair off, both to wear TAG Belts
  • Each player to stand one metre away from their partner at a mid line in the grid. One side of the grid to be called CATS, the other side DOGS.
  • On the call from the coach e.g. CATS, player would run to their side of the grid 10m away, DOGS to try and TAG them before they reach end of grid
  • This can be done for both sides


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Accelerate away from partner by using leg and arm drive
  • Focus on Tagging area
  • Correct Tagging process

Variation / Progression

  • Coach to incorporate CATS & DOGS into a storyline‚Ķ
  • Increase/ Decrease size of Grid Players to start from different positions -eg lying on their stomachs. Bring in the use of a ball for one of the sides.

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