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Colours Level 1

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12 or more




  • Mark out a 10m x 10m grid in the middle of a multi coloured 20m x 20m circular external grid. (Refer to diagram. Diagram not to scale)
  • Coach to call out different colour cones, players react to run around any of the matching colour cones which make up the outer grid and then return to the inner 10m x 10m grid.
  • Coach to continue calling different colours for around 15 - 20 seconds.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Players light on feet (on balls of feet)
  • Low centre of gravity (sprinters arm drive)
  • Acceleration (short power steps over 2-5 metres)
  • Power leg drive on turn

Variation / Progression


  • Jog to the external cone, sprint on return to middle


  • Add additional external colour cones
  • Name 2 or 3 cones to improve reaction skills
  • Players carry a ball
  • Pop passes in middle grid
  • Call out 2 or 3 colour cones
  • Different activities (down and up in the middle, high knees)

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