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Domes & Dishes

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  • Cones are to be randomly set out within a 20m x 20m grid
  • Half the cones are to be laid out facing upwards and are Dishes
  • Half the cones are to be laid out facing down and are Domes
  • Select 2 teams (Max 7 persons per team)
  • Allocate 1 Team as Dishes and 1 Team as Domes Aim: For 1 Team to turn domes over into dishes and 1 Team to turn dishes into domes. (Teams can turn a rival teams cones over also). Team members are not permitted to turn over 2 cones in same instance.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Quick feet and acceleration to and from the cone
  • Bend using legs, alternate left and right hands during activity
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Hand eye co-ordination

Variation / Progression

  • Turn as many cones to the one they require in 1 minute
  • Turn the colour cone that the coach requests

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