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3 ore more


Balls, Cones


Players 1,2 & 3 align 2- 5m apart (dependent on ability) facing up field. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 who then passes to 3. Player 3 then runs on and the group organise themselves into a new attacking line. Player 3 then passes to the next receiver.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points


• Receiver hands towards the ball to receive pass

• Receiver calls for the ball

• Passer - Hands finishing at the target

• Passer - Hips staying square to the cone 


• Depth to attack the ball at pace

• Realign quickly

• 1st passer must check all group are in position before starting

Variation / Progression

• Spin pass or push pass as applicable

• Introduce defenders

• Increase the number of channels

• Increase the width of channels

• Players can change running lines - Unders/ Overs / Switch/ Loop (Not applicable for U6's - U8's)

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