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Side Tackle

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Groups of 4




Side Tackle - To ensure that players have the correct technical understanding when performing the side tackle. Players line up as in diagram with the first player from "the reds" walking forward, diagonally across the grid. The first player from "the yellows" then walks out and safely makes a side tackle on the red player. Ensure players are fully aware of safety aspects - tackler, head behind the player being tackled. Clear the grid after each tackle. Each player to return to the back of their respective line.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Low body position - Chin off Chest
  • Aim to tackle at mid thigh (target for shoulder contact)
  • "Cheek to cheek" - that is Head behind.
  • Leg drive (hit through tackle)
  • Finish on top of player with cheek landing on soft part of the buttock or back of the thigh
  • Tight arm grip (band of steel)
  • Check for head positioning
  • Monitor ball carriers presentation technique

Variation / Progression

Safety First!

  • Progress to a jog, then a further progression for the attacker to be running and tackler to be walking/jogging
  • With or without the ball
  • Both sides/shoulders
  • Tacklers to get back on feet and contest ball Tackled player to place the ball.

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