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Groups of 6


Balls, Cones


  • In groups of 6. Two players become defenders. One of two attackers carry the ball in two hands, with two support runners behind the attackers. On the whistle the ball carrier tries to get past the defenders using evasive footwork.
  • The defenders must try to tackle the ball carrier below the waist
  • Once tackled the players the ball carrier must either place the ball or pass to one of the support players


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points


  • Use evasive footwork to try to beat tacklers
  • Be aware of where the space is
  • lBall presentation - under control


  • Tackler to keep hands held high (boxers hands)
  • Safety aspects of tackle.
  • Tackle below the waist

Variation / Progression

  • Ball carriers and support runners to pass the ball between each other until whistle is blown
  • Pace progressions - Slow to fast - walk to run
  • Tackler to get onto feet and contest the ball after the tackle

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