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Tackle & Jackal - 1 v 1 Over ball

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Groups of 4/5


Balls, Cones


  • In a 5m x 5m grid stand two players, an attacker with a ball and a defender. When instructed, the defender will attempt to tackle the attacker. Once the tackler has completed the tackle, the tackler will need to get to their feet as quickly as they can to take the ball from the attacker.
  • (u 10s) Introduce a support runner with the attacker to clear threat of the defender 1 v 1 over the ball


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • The tackler should finish on top of the ball carrier and practise getting to their feet as quickly as possible
  • Keep a low body position over the ball, but supporting their own body weight. Hips lower than shoulders, keep head up. Maintain balance by widening feet position
  • Keep weight on balls of feet, not heels
  • Use dynamic hand and foot movements to resist and apply force.

Variation / Progression

  • Start off walking pace, increase speed of the drill
  • Bring in two attackers passing the ball. On the signal the defender will enter the grid and make the tackle and jackal on the attacker with the ball.
  • Attacker plus one - 1 v 1 - allows players to get used to contact over the ball. Working on clear out techniques

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