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4 or more


Balls, Shields


  • In a 5m x 5m square 3 players start by passing the ball (multi directional) whilst avoiding the 1 roaming shield holder.
  • On coaches command, ball carrier runs to nearest shield and performs the desired activity listed below: Hit and Pop Hit and Pop from floor Repeat on next coaches command


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Footwork before contact - Move to weak shoulder of defender
  • Hit and Pop- Low body position, pump legs - Move ball away from pad onto hip in two hands - Keep head up and look forward (chin off chest) - Free your arms and pass to support
  • Hit and Pop From Floor - Ball carrier to attempt to free arms and control ball in order to push the ball up to the oncoming support player

Variation / Progression


  • Increase the area so more space to pass around


  • Increase number of shields/players defending
  • Remove shield and have players playing full contact (condition defenders to do stand up tackles)
  • Do not tell players what skill to use just advise that they must get the ball outside of the grid after taking the contact

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