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Corner Ruck

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8 or more


Balls, Cones, Shields


  • Place a shield holder on four corners of a 10m x 10m square grid or smaller
  • Select a working group of 4 attackers.
  • On command/direction of the coach, the attackers work to a nominated shield holder
  • In one minute the attack group of players must perform as many repetitions of activity as they can on all four corner shields. Contact Options to perform:
    • Hit and Pop
    • Hit and Present
    • Hit, Present and Clear Out


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Hit and Pop- Low body position, pump legs - Move ball away from pad onto hip in two hands - Keep head up and look forward (chin off chest) - Free your arms offload to support
  • Hit and Present - On contact with the floor, player must attempt to stretch ball back to own team (Long lay & placement)
  • Hit and Present and Clear Out - Support player must anticipate ball carriers actions and clear away the threat (shield)

Variation / Progression

  • Add another 4 player working group into square.
  • Line up shields across pitch so players have to attack in same direction (nominate scrum half and add additional groups of 4 attack players opposite each shield)
  • Add in 2 bags per corner or a second contesting defensive player to support shield holder
  • Remove shields from corners and add live defenders
  • Include decisions to clear or seal or play ball

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