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5 or more


Balls, Cones


  • Attacking players start at the bottom of 20m x 20m Grid
  • Defenders are placed at various locations inside of the grid and are only allowed within their zone
  • On the whistle the attacking players attempt to reach the opposite end of the grid
  • Defenders must attempt to successful tackle the attackers
  • The further the attacking player gets the more points he will receive
  • The grid should be marked out with scoring zones as shown in diagram. Attacking players have 3 attempts to accumulate as many points as possible


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Go forward
  • Avoid defenders
  • Use evasive footwork
  • Light on feet
  • Identify space
  • Ball protection in the contact
  • If attacker player is tackled close to next scoring zones, they may reach to score within the zone
  • Defenders tackle technique examined & safety points coached and repeated
  • Ensure space between players is controlled to avoid clashes

Variation / Progression

  • Less defenders
  • Shorter Zones
  • Wider Zones
  • More defenders
  • Longer grid
  • Narrower Zones

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