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2 v 1 Loop Rugby

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Groups of 3


Balls, Cones



• 2 v 1 Rugby

• Wide pitch to allow space for looping players

• First receiver and 2nd receiver must run a loop - decision

• First receiver and 2nd receiver must run a loop - player make decisions on whether they complete the loop based on reading the opposition


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

• Attackers to scan and be aware of positioning of Defenders and fellow Attackers

• Attackers to identify gaps in defence line 1st receiver must run straight initially to engage their defender, ensuring they don't drift before passing

• Attacker 2 angles their run slightly in towards the ball to engage their defender and receives the ball.

• Attacker 2 passes to Attacker 1 when Attacker 1 has crossed behind Attacker 2 and is on their outside. Pass is front on to opposition

Variation / Progression

• Attackers can align as they choose

• Attackers must all align on one side of the touched player

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