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Lateral Passing

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10 or more


Balls, Cones


• 1 ball between 3 players

• Players pass the ball over a small distance back and fore whilst moving forward

• All passes must go backwards/Sideways

• Rotate the middle person each go

• Groups pass the ball along the line before they reach the end of the grid


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

• Players must move forward at all times

• Communicate each pass by calling for the ball

• Receiver to provide a target to aim for

• Passers hands to finish pointing at the target once ball is released

• How many times can they pass the ball across the line before the end of grid?

• What does a good pass look like?

• What does a poor pass look like?

• What does the person in the middle have to do differently from the player on the end

Variation / Progression

• Increase distance between passes

• Two groups working at same time from opposite direction

• Increase the speed i.e. walk, jog, run

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