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WRU Hub Programme Review

WRU Hub Programme Review

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Introduction The WRU Hub Programme

To provide an opportunity for young people and their families to engage in rugby through the educational settings of Wales, whilst supporting the development of healthy, courageous, disciplined and respectful individuals for the game, and for Welsh society as a whole.


1. To identify those educational settings and local communities where there is a tangible benefit to be gained from the development of rugby

2. To part fund hub officers within the identified educational settings and communities, to engage young people in curricular and extra-curricular rugby activity, and foster a lifelong affinity to the game

3. To monitor and assess the impact of the hubs:

a. Club: on the health of the game of rugby at mini, junior, youth and adult levels;

b. Educational setting: on levels of educational attainment and engagement within the host settings

c. Community: the hubs’ contribution to wider social outcomes that affect their communities

4. To inspire a lifelong engagement with Welsh rugby via a positive experience for all


The WRU Hub Programme is a shining light. It embeds Welsh rugby in the day to day lives of young people and communities across Wales. Our educational partners and clubs continue to tell us stories of how the WRU Hub Programme is changing the lives of young people across Wales. It is creating more opportunities for people to enjoy and engage in our sport and enabling Welsh rugby to thrive.



The WRU Hub programme is without doubt a key factor in the promotion and development of rugby throughout all parts of Wales. I have witnessed first hand, the ways in which it has promoted the best interests of our sport. The scheme has increased participation numbers not just within the institutions they operate within but also the communities they serve and has benefited both the female and the male game. It isn’t just about the rugby; the knock on effect in relation to the well being and social interaction of children should not be underestimated, especially in the many socially deprived communities we serve. Rugby’s “values” have always been, and will continue to be, the benchmark by which all other sports are compared.


WRU Hub Programme Review Webinar

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