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How do I go about getting involved in coaching?

Perhaps the easiest way to get involved is to become an active member of your local rugby club. If you have the inclination to help out with the coaching you need firstly to think about attending a coaching course run by the WRU in your area. Talk to a member of your club's committee or the Club Coaching Co-ordinator. The club can usually access funding to cover the cost of your course. If you're going to work with children or vulnerable adults, you'll also need to get the club to do a CRB check on you. Visit the section of the WRU website that covers coaching courses and enrol and pay on-line on a suitable course (Tag or Level 1).

What qualities do you need to be able to coach?

If you are going to coach children, perhaps the most important qualities are a friendly disposition and an understanding of why youngsters want to play sport. The key thing to remember is that the game is for the children and not the coach. Treat them all fairly and give them all an equal chance to play. Good coaches develop a love of the game in the children they coach, which forms the basis for life-long involvement in the sport.