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The Full Game (U12+)

The Full Game (U12+)

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The main theme throughout the development process is to meet the needs of players. Players need a modified game that fits their age and stage of learning and too often it's the players that are modified to meet the requirements of the game.

If Players are to enjoy taking part in rugby they need to:

  • Take an active part in the game
  • Form relationships and work together
  • Develop their rugby skills and get better
  • Be able to take part whatever their ability
  • Develop personal skills
  • Appreciate and demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Understand the laws
  • Be listened to
  • Feel success

In moving onto the full, 15 a side game, realistic expectations should be placed on the players. Player development should still be the focus rather than match results. Players need to learn that cooperation is vital but also experience the joys that being part of a team can bring and rugby is a fantastic and exciting game that can teach those skills.

The game at this age offers:

  • A feel for the full game
  • The additional roles and responsibilities that come with a 15 v 15 game
  • Develop the players within their units (backs and forwards)
  • The full lineout and scrum

Therefore, this format is a phased development for their learning, starting to teach them about the roles and responsibilities of different positions on a rugby pitch.


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