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Welcome To Your Season 22-23

Welcome To Your Season 22-23

Welcome to the Season 22/23, our first full Season since the Pandemic.

Firstly, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who have continued to volunteer in various

roles through difficult circumstances. You are appreciated. Without your continued efforts, our

grass roots rugby wouldn’t be as successful. You are an integral part of the whole picture. I hope

that we are able to participate in a full season from grass roots and throughout our community

pathway in both the age grade and male and female game.


My and the departments aim is to help and provide you with as much support as possible in all

areas both on and off the field. We will continue to make our game enjoyable, attractive, fun

and safe for all our players, coaches, referees and volunteers. A game that people want to be

involved in and take part and support. Please help us to grow participation and support the next




The People at the heart of the club and community creating something special that enable

players, coaches, referees, and volunteers to thrive, and develop a sense of belonging to the

club badge/ jersey.


With that in mind and in line with our strategy “Enable Rugby to Thrive” we have undergone a

number of changes at the Union with some of the team leaving for new pastures, some internal

role changes and some new team members joining and I hope that this short document will assist

you with knowing who to contact throughout the season.


We will look to launch our new Community Strategy soon and our teams will be visiting all over

Wales to support facilities, playing the game, coaches, players and volunteers for everyone across

our male and female pathway and all our formats – “Jersey for All”.


Finally before I close I would like ask for your support in making sure our people are enjoying

our fantastic game and having fun and are safe. Please can we promote our fantastic values of

friendship, sportsmanship, respect and positive behaviour to name but a few. We all have a duty to

create and sustain a safe and positive environment for all involved in the game. Please ensure

measures are in place to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for the Match Official to

conduct his/her duties.


I hope the 22/23 Welcome document will provide you with as much information as possible to

support you as we commence this coming Season. I look forward to seeing you at games and

visiting your club and if there is anything you wish to discuss please touch base with myself or the

community team.


If we work together we can achieve more. Let’s help and support each other as we welcome in our

first full season since the Pandemic.



Geraint John

WRU Community Director


Download the full Welcome to Your Season 22/23 Welsh PDF HERE.

Download the full Welcome to Your Season 22/23 English PDF HERE.

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