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The WRU Rugby Development Department is excited to announce the launch of the ‘WRU Team Manager Application’ to manage team sheets and registration for Youth and Senior, male and womens and girls National Leagues. 

Please access this web page via your mobile device before installing the application as the application will NOT work from a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Once you have accessed this web page via your mobile device please click here: teamsheets.wru.wales to download the application (please watch the tutorial videos before installing)
  • Please click HERE to watch the overview of the features within the application.
  • Please click HERE to watch the webinar training regarding WRU Digital Team Sheets 

Please follow the simple instruction to add the application to your device:


For queries and questions please email: teamsheets@wru.wales where a team of dedicated WRU staff are on hand to support the use of the platform.

Please watch the WRU Webinar Training in the link above for instructions to add the application to your home screen of your phone. For this information please go to 06:14 minutes in the video timeline.

Please note that existing methods of team sheet entry such as handing a paper team sheet to the referee prior to kick off is a 'BACK UP' only option for the 24/25 season. If for any reason a mobile device cannot be used (ie. such as a device running out of battery) a paper team submission to the referee may be used. However, we must reiterate that paper team sheet submission is a 'BACK UP' only option and that digital team sheet submission via the 'WRU Team Sheet' app is mandatory.

Please ensure that your players are registered for the forthcoming season, and they have been verified by the club to enable their profile status to update to ‘Active’. Players will only appear on the Team Sheet Manager application if their playing status is ‘Active’. To confirm, if a player has not registered or has not yet been verified by the club, they will NOT appear on the WRU Team Manager application for selection.

The application will reduce the administration for Team Managers and Coaches, support players through their player development journey whilst also providing fantastic participation insight for clubs and the WRU to ensure the continued success of community rugby.


Digital Team Sheets FAQ's:

Q. Will you be able to state that a no 8 can be your cover for hooker for example?

A. Yes, any player (other than starting front row) can be nominated as front row cover 1 & 2.


Q. Is this available for use now?

A. Yes, the app is available to download.


Q. What about penalty tries - how to enter?

A. Penalty tries are recorded by referees and entered ny referees. All tries scored by players can be entered.


Q. Is there anywhere to input permits?

A. Providing the permits process is complete the permitted player will be automatically available on the Digital Team Sheet.


Q. Are Permits still requested on my wru?

A. Yes, please continue to use the existing process for permits.


Q. Do we use this for friendly or local leagues administered by local group?

A. Providing that the friendly game has been added to MyWRU you will have the fixture available on the app.


Q. Apply to Youth games?

A. Yes, the app will apply to Youth National League games.


Q. There are still locations with no internet access what are the deadlines for submitting the sheets?

A. The app has had rigorous testing in low data areas and has passed, we are hoping that this issue will not arise.


Q. What about poor Wi-Fi areas?

A. The application can run on mobile data as well as Wi-Fi.


Q. Is this mandatory for 2nd xv rugby as well?

A. No, this application is applicable to National League Youth and Senior fixtures only.


Q. Is there currently, or will there be, an integration to Twitter to post the team and scores from the app?

A. Yes, future versions of the app will have such functionality.


Q. Will it be changed to allow 22 players for a ladies squad?

A. Yes, depending on the competition/league/age grade the application will display the respective details.


Q. Entering 1-15 is no issue. Our replacements are rarely 16-20 due to shirt sizes and therefore changed manually on the paper sheet given to the match official. I take it on the app I cant change the numbers?

A. Hi, that is ok if the number on the jersey is not the same as the app. The referee will accommodate that.


WRU Digital Team Sheets

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