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Following the positive response for 'Half A Game' launched at the start of last season, we are pleased to include the initiative in the WRU Rugby Pathway which means 2017/18 comes with guaranteed game-time for all young players in Wales.


Half A Game is our framework for a more engaging and fun rugby environment that will promote positive sporting experiences for children with the aim of keeping them involved in the game for life; and keeping our grassroots clubs alive.


More than 1000 teams across 175 clubs adopted Half A Game last season ensuring over 20,000 boys and girls were given the opportunity to take part in a minimum of half a game on weekends.


The feedback gathered from clubs reveals that young players are more likely to keep coming back when they are given greater opportunities to reach their playing potential in a fun and inclusive environment. We also know that players experience long-term benefits associated with rugby values such as teamwork, confidence and friendship.


Half A Game is part of Welsh Rugby's overarching remit to engage more people, more often, with more enjoyment and more success. The adoption is testament to the enthusiasm and passion of the kids, coaches and parents already involved at your club and those we hope to attract in the future.


As we embark on a new and exciting season, all U6s to U11s will be granted the opportunity to take part in a minimum of Half A Game; for U12s to U16s equal play is expected and it is recommended for U19s.


You can register your clubs for 2017-18 via google form https://goo.gl/forms/rZoKyZC76CsE7AK12


The WRU offers all registered Half A Game clubs the resources and support. Attached to this email are the following resources.


- Half A Game Guidelines document for clubs, coaches and parents and the local Game Management Groups (GMG) please circulate throughout your networks.

- The Club finder will be updated to share contacts of clubs delivering Half A Game http://www.wru.co.uk/eng/halfagame/half-a-game-club-finder.php

- Coaches can continue to access information via the Coaching Locker via Half a Game and attached is a document containing a presentation for clubs. The locker also contains

o Club specific banner advertising for your websites to link directly to Half A Game section of the locker

o A range of electronic resources that enable you to brand everything from water bottles to club banners

o Social media engagement instructions - #HalfAGame @WRU_Community


All clubs are also urged to contact their Regional Coordinators for more detailed discussion, feedback and support.




Half A Game - English Resource: CLICK HERE

Half A Game - Welsh Resource Resource: CLICK HERE

Half A Game Guidelines: CLICK HERE

Half A Game Initiative: CLICK HERE

Half A Game How To Guide - Co-ordinator: CLICK HERE

Half A Game How To Guide - Coach: CLICK HERE

Half A Game How To Guide - Referee: CLICK HERE

Media Tool Kit: CLICK HERE

Press Release Template: CLICK HERE


How do I host a Half A Game Festival?

Half a Game festivals are taking place throughout Wales this season. If you've got an idea for an event, you should register your interest via your local Junior District Association and Regional Coordinator:

Dragons - Aled James ARJames@wru.wales and Lewis Roberts LRoberts@wru.wales

Blues - Christian Hitt CHitt@wru.wales Jake Thomas JakeThomas@wru.wales and Gavin Dacey GDacey@wru.wales

Ospreys - Liam Scott LScott@wru.wales and Joe Davies JDavies@wru.wales

Scarlets - Richard Hardy rhardy@wru.wales Mike King Mking@wru.wales and Justin Lloyd Jlloyd@wru.wales

RGC - Alun James AllanJ@wru.wales Dai Higgs DHiggs@wru.wales and Rachel Taylor RTaylor@wru.wales

Can I get hold of Half A Game branded materials to support the delivery of my event?

If you register to host a Half A Game event then you will have access to the Half A Game brand so you can create your own posters, selfie frames, banners and much more.

What else can I do to promote the event and what support is available?

Hosting a Half A Game festival is a great opportunity to get positive coverage for your club via your club website, social media channels and the local media. There is a template press release available by CLICKING HERE. Learn more by downloading the Media Tool Kit Here.

The WRU is committed to offering promotional support to a select number of registered events across the country where possible. Don't forget to use the Media Tool Kit to let us know about your events and increase the chances of getting your club in the spotlight.



We have asked the club already running half a game to come back with and issues or challenges they have faced and come up with some solutions or words of advice for clubs looking to take it up.

If you have any questions that are not covered via half a game frequently asked question below just ask local Junior District Association, WRU Rugby Coordinator or speak to one of the half a game clubs at your age group.

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