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WRU Referee Level 1 - 6pm-9pm on 17th Online and 9am-4pm on 22nd Ruthin RFC

WRU Referee Level 1 - 6pm-9pm on 17th Online and 9am-4pm on 22nd Ruthin RFC
Cost:   £50
Organiser:   North Wales Coach Education Centre
Venue:   Ruthin RFC
Places:   27
Dates & Times:   17 Jun 2025 18:00 - 21:00, 22 Jun 2025 09:00 - 16:00
Phone:   07795616579

About the Course


Level One Referee Course


Course cost £50

Aims of the course

 As a formal introduction to the principles of officiating a rugby union match, the WRU Level 1 Course aims to get applicants started refereeing. At a basic level, the course outlines the Laws of the Game and how they should be applied to a rugby union match, answers and clarifies general questions about refereeing and discusses the position(s) that referees should take throughout the course of a game.


 At the end of successfully completing a WRU Level 1 Referee Course, applicants will have gained a Level 1 Referee Certificate and will be clear to referee matches at Junior Level, from U12s to U16 Level and Schools Rugby up to U18s. Without the Level 1 Referee, a person cannot referee a match.

Core Modules of the course



Tackle & Ruck

Foul Play

Lineout & Maul


Kick offs & Restarts

Infringements, offside & Advantage

Safety in the game

Managing the environment






Anybody can take the WRU Level 1 Course, however they need to be at least 14 years old, a successful applicant will only be allowed to referee a game which is a year below their age until they are 16 years old.


Lunch and refreshments will be provided on all courses

The course will take two days to complete.

9:00-16:30 for the two days

Please bring appropriate clothing for the practical elements of the course.

Please complete home study task, laws of the game, the link is below. Please ensure you bring this to the course as evidence of completion.

You will receive a whistle and a set of cards and wallet as part of the course.

Look forward to see you at the course.

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