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U13 Pathway Laws

U13 Pathway Laws

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Welcome to the U13s WRU Pathway Laws page.

Please be advised that the laws on this page are WRU Pathway Laws which are variations of some of the World Rugby Laws. If a Law is not outlined on this page please refer to the full World Rugby Laws HERE.

Please note that Pathway Laws do change so please check back regularly.

For scrum ready and introduction to the tackle resource click HERE.


Age: Under 13 as on the first of September at the start of the season. A player may only play up one year.

Ball Size: Size four.

Coach Qualification: WRU Level one (Click HERE to book on to a course).

Referee Qualification: WRU Level one Award (Click HERE to book on to a course).

Pitch: Full pitch.

Periods of Play:

  • Two halves of up to 25 minutes playing time, maximum 50 minutes - no extra time


  • All scrums must follow the World Rugby process of crouch, bind and set
  • Eight person contested scrummage with 0.5m maximum push, no wheeling
  • Both hookers may strike for the ball
  • Both scrummages must be 3-4-1 formation
  • The number eight can pick up the ball from the scrum


  • Full uncontested with lifting.
  • Only ten metre catch and drive allowed. Players are allowed to “ sack” the jumper in the lineout once that lineout jumper has landed on the ground and no maul has formed. This must be done immediately
  • The lineout ends when the ball in thrown, knocked or kicked out of the lineout, the lineout ends.
  • When the ball or a player carrying the ball moves into the area between the 5-metre line and the touchline, the lineout ends.
  • When a lineout player hands the ball to a player who is peeling off, the lineout ends.
  • When the ball is thrown beyond the 15-metre line, or when a player takes or puts it beyond that line, the lineout ends.
  • When a ruck or maul develops in a lineout, and all the feet of all the players in the ruck or maul move beyond the line of touch, the lineout ends.
  • If a maul formed at the lineout becomes unplayable, the game is restarted a scrum


  • When the ball is playable referees will immediately shout “Use it” and the attacking team will have 5 seconds to move the ball away from the contact area


  • Players may tap and run if a PK is awarded
  • A hand off to the chest is permitted. There will be no hand off to the face.


  • As of July 2023 we are now playing under the new World Rugby Tackle Height directives - Please see the tile in the resources section to familiarise yourself with the updated changes.