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Scrum Ready - Profile Preparation


Profile preparation will introduce to the player the correct body profile in order to successfully and safely scrummage. The following pages will guide you through a logical step by step process to coach the essential elements, beginning with the 'foundations' and completing with the 'head in neutral' allowing for a complete body focus on how to prepare the player for training and game time. Close attention to the outlined points in the following will assist your on field coaching and deepen your knowledge of a very technical area.

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Step 1 : Foundations

If you were to build a house you would begin with strong foundations and in body profile that means the feet. Ensure that your feet are parallel, in line and shoulder width apart. This will allow you to successfully move onto the next step.


Step 2 : Kink the knees

Now that your feet are parallel, in line and shoulder width apart the focus will turn to the knees. By kinking the knees the player will be able to absorb pressure and exert power.


Step 3 : Pelvic tilt

The pelvic tilt is a technique by which the player is asked to activate their core by tilting the pelvis. This can be accomplished by performing step 1 and 2 and imagining the lower back being pulled backwards allowing the pelvis to tilt.


Step 4 : Elbows in, scaps on

By pulling the scapulas (shoulder blades) together the chest will become very broad and will ensure that your shoulders are straight and switched on. Elbows in will also assist in the strong upper body position. A simple exercise is to ask the player to set up on all fours and squeeze the scapulas together. Together is 'scaps on' and apart is 'scaps off'. A number of repetitions can be performed for correct technique. Place your hand between the scaps to ensure the 'scaps on' is correct.


Step 5 : Head in neutral

The final step is to ensure that the head is in line with your spine. The head should remain in a neutral position at all times. This will allow the spine to successfully absorb pressure and maintain a strong position.


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