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To be eligible for support you must have achieved or are working towards a WRU or equivalent coaching qualification.

You must read, digest and agree to the WRU Coaches Code of Conduct

Click HERE to access a copy

Being registered is a voluntary process and does not provide WRU endorsement of coaching skills.

All coach must register annually, to do this you log into the locker and you will be prompted to do so at the start of each season, check you details are still valid and edit if necessary then simply reregister. We would also encourage you to start if you have not already to create a personal development plan to include your coaching and playing approach.

It's imperative that you become a reflective practitioner, where you are constantly reviewing your own performance and are self aware enough to develop a network of support. 

WRU registered performance coaches are a specialist group of high-quality coaches who regularly engage in their own development.

Significant benefits include:

Access to WRU coaching conferences and events

Registered Performance coach pin renewed annually.

Advanced access to WRU and professional coaching roles within the game

Being a WRU Registered coach will enable you work withing the official pathway

Plus online exclusive access to:

On field Technical specialism events with leading coaches covering attack, defence, set piece, breakdown, kicking and skills.

“Pivotal” Performance Podcast – what makes you the coach you are?

60s Psyche materials – practical use of psychology for “on the grass” coaches

Specialist WRU articles and features 

Leadership, performance and development seminars featuring inspiring, effective and well know coaches and leaders.

Towards L3 & 4 events – Helping you to understanding the qualification pathways and content.

News email covering recent and future events and activities within the rugby coaching world.

Coaching Cafe webinars featuring significant performance coaches within and without the rugby world.

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