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Performance is delivering your best in a competitive environment even under pressure. In many situations this may involve winning but not always. Sometimes, despite your best efforts the opposition is just better than you and things do not go your way. Performance and high performance is much deeper than just winning.

In these sessions you will have the opportunity to hear from interesting and inspirational people from many different backgrounds who have operated in a competitive and pressurised environment and have enabled others to achieve high performance in their field.

The ideas, processes, approaches, cultures, values, behaviours and systems covered will challenge your own thinking and inspire you to adapt and grow in order to create a high-performance environment and higher performing players.

This a summary video of Russell Earnshaw’s recent Coach Development session in the Barn designed for coaches who are keen to better understand how to develop players and enable performance within the same sessions

There is so many great snippets and ideas but you should especially watch this video if you want to think about individual development within a group, challenging yourself and players to become more skilful, using games to develop players, identifying little things which make a big difference and that coaching can be lonely and public at the same time.

Click HERE to watch the video - enjoy! 

With a passion for magic and an innovative approach, Jono Blyth loves to perform amazing illusions using everyday items and impromptu objects, making his magic both relatable and truly surprising, in this video we examine how he interacts with his audience and discusses what coaches could take away from the art of delivery.

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