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WRU Esports Cymru

Rugby is the fabric of our nation, being actively present in everyday life, physically, socially and culturally.  The Minecraft Esports Leagues can further enhance the development of the core skills considered to be fundamental in Rugby, but within a classroom setting.

Teachers have gamers in their classrooms. Using Minecraft Education for Esports is the perfect platform to introduce inclusive, purposeful, and incredibly fun Esports activities and club programs that will build skills, content mastery, community, leadership and true engagement for all classrooms and schools.

Minecraft Esports Cymru will provide a further opportunity to appeal to a wider learner audience, which will further extend the WRU’s digital educational offering, encompassing the new Curriculum in Wales in all its educational content, ensuring initiatives align with those delivered in all classrooms across Wales.


To view the video of the year's National Finals Day click HERE.

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