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Dysgu WRU 

High quality development opportunities for every club.

Welcome to Dysgu WRU, which has been developed to provide a bespoke, virtual education offer for all Rugby Clubs in Wales, to ensure clubs can thrive.

Throughout the year you have the opportunity to access FREE webinars delivered by industry experts, across a wide variety of topics.

Any member of your club is welcome to attend and we have suggested the type of roles within the webinars that the webinar would be beneficial for.

Please let us know via social media if you have signed up and found them beneficial.

We hope you enjoy the webinars and if you have any further questions relating to any club development issues, please email clubdevelopment@wru.wales where one of the team will get in touch to discuss further.   

@WRU_Community #DysguWRU

To access all webinars click on the tile of your choice, where you will either find a recording of a session that has been delivered or an opportunity to register to attend one. 

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