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U18s (Youth)

Starting in September 2023 running through to December 2023.

There will be 4 Dragons leagues known as Cup Leagues - Yellow, Blue, Green and Red

Each League will be made up of teams that will participate in five league fixtures, to be completed before the 18th of December 2023.

Click HERE for Yellow league fixtures

Click HERE for Blue League fixtures

Click HERE for Green League fixtures

Click HERE for Red League fixtures

These leagues  will feed into the Dragons cup competition.

Semi final placings will be determined by the top team in each league 

The team with the highest points gained will be seeded first and will play the team that wins its league with the lowest points. the second will play the third and both first and second will be the home teams.

The same format continues for the Plate, Bowl and Shield with will then enter the knockout phase. Teams placed 5th and 6th will not qualify for the knockout phase. 

The ambition is to play the semi finals on the XXXXXX and the finals will be played during 13th and 19th of March 2024

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