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Ospreys Cup


The competition shall be known as ‘The WRU OSPREYS CUP’. The format and all playing aspects of ‘The WRU OSPREYS CUP ’shall be overseen by the District D and District EF Game Management Group (GMG) and WRU OFFICERS.

The competition shall be played under the WRU Player Pathway directives and World Rugby Laws of the Game and in accordance with the WRU Code of Conduct relating to the game of rugby.

The winners progress to the WRU Ospreys cup by winning their District cup format.  

There is an additional competition for teams eliminated from their district cup first round. This shall be known as ‘GMG PLATE COMPETITION ’. This will ensure that all teams entered in the competition play at least two matches.

The Cup is open to teams within the Under 12,13,14,15 & 16’s age groups, whose parent Clubs fall under the control of The District D,EF Game Management Group.



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