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Emerging Player Pathway

As a key component of the Welsh Rugby Union’s strategic reform of the player pathway to create ‘more and better players’ for the professional and community game in Wales, the prestigious Dewar Shield has now been formally integrated into the regional pathway, meaning it is now contested at U16 (Year 11) level.

The revamp means there is now a 22-month programme of development for emerging players between 14 and 16 years old (U15 and U16) and as part of the wider ongoing player pathway reform, the newly introduced Emerging Player Programme (EPP) is being led by the regions, supported by the WRU, and delivered locally across 24 schools districts in Wales. 

In the 23/24 season 26 Emerging Player programme skills centres in the U15 age group are active across Wales with at least one based in each school district catchment, in the first 6 weeks of delivery over 1300 players have been engaged in the program and numbers continue to grow.

Please find below the Venues, Times and Dates that all the sessions are being delivered from.

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