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WRU Ready to Ref (Women and Girls Only)

WRU Ready to Ref (Women and Girls Only) 

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Completion of this course, will qualify successful candidates to referee the under 12 to under 16 girls and boys age groups. The course has been designed to support all new referees, through both classroom and practical based learning. There are no specific requirements to attend this course, which is open to volunteers of all ability, though you must be at least 14 years old. This is the starting point for all referees. However, referees can progress or remain at the level that best suits their needs, whether they just want to referee in the female game or both. Ambitious and aspiring referees can progress straight to the level 2 induction program. This will qualify you to referee in the senior game, under 18 girls & boys to senior women and men’s games while supported by a WRU referee coach.

Ceri Parry

Wedi i mi orffen chwarae rygbi nes i ddechrau hyfforddi. Oherwydd ymrwymiadau eraill bu rhaid i mi gamu'n nôl o hyfforddi ond yn teimlo fy mod dal eisiau chwarae rhan mewn rygbi. Daeth y cyfle i mi fynychu cwrs dyfarnu lefel 1 ac yn syth o hynny, dechrau dyfarnu. Dwi wedi cael llawer o gefnogaeth gan ddyfarnwyr eraill, cymdeithas dyfarnwyr a fy nghlwb rygbi lleol yn ogystal â'r Undeb i ddatblygu ymhellach a chael profiadau arbennig. 

After I finished playing rugby I got into coaching. Other commitments took over which meant I had to step back from the coaching role. Still, I wanted to play some part in rugby. I took the opportunity to go on a level 1 referee course and then pursued with refereeing. I've had a lot of support from other referees, the referee society and my local rugby club as well as WRU to develop further and gain a wealth of experiences. 

Jenny Davies

after retiring from playing I decided to coach. After coaching RGC U18 girls I found I was becoming unfit, unhealthy and it wasn’t giving me the buzz I got from playing. I decided to attend a Level 1 Ref course and give refereeing a go. The WRU ref department, advisors and the NW society welcomed me with open arms and have been extremely supportive. With out their kindness and support I wouldn’t have progressed, improved my health and fitness and get the buzz back for being on the pitch.

Kathy Pritchard

I am a mother of 3 talented children, 2 of whom played rugby for their schools and local rugby club. I would drive them to their training sessions mid week and then to their rugby matches on the weekend and found that we were always waiting for the referee on another pitch to finish that match before moving onto our pitch. By the time the match was ready to start, the kids were usually, freezing cold and/or soaking wet. So I thought ‘what can I do to change this?’ and the answer was simple, be a referee for the 2 age groups that my boys played in. I found out when the Level 1 courses were being run and asked the club to support me going forward. I attended the Level 1 referee course and began my refereeing journey and if I’m honest, with the support of my local club, the WRU referees department, and fellow referees, I haven’t looked back, from humble beginnings refereeing at my local rugby club  to officiating at Internationals.

You might ask me the question  'Do I regret anything?’ And my honest answer would be ‘yes, absolutely!’ I so wish I had started my refereeing journey earlier as the opportunities to enjoy a sport/hobby, stay fit and excel within the rugby community arena have no limits. The only limiter is yourself. 

Amber Stamp Dunstan

I attended the female only ready to ref course in 2019 aged 17. Following this, I officiated my first game which was under 14s girls on a Sunday morning. Since this, I have had great support from the WRU which has helped me progress to refereeing in the National men’s Championship.



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